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Welcome to the Combat Go Boxing Timer and Virtual Combo Coach

You can use this web app to generate custom workouts for shadow boxing and bag/pad work based on your experience level and training preferences.

Check out our tips for getting started here.

Screen going to sleep? Learn how to fix here.

Latest update: Added dark mode option and animated play/pause button. See our complete release history here.

Note that the app makes use of the standard punch numbering scheme:

1.  Jab

2.  Cross

3.  Lead Hook

4.  Rear Hook

5.  Lead Uppercut

6.  Rear Uppercut

7.  Lead Hook to the Body

8.  Rear Hook to the Body

9.  Jab to the Body

10. Cross to the Body

You can see all the moves in our database in the Technique Primer

Combat Go is still in development. You may encounter some bugs or missing features. Please let us know if you come across an issue, have suggestions for a new feature or have feedback on the moves and combos we use to generate our workouts.


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