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Preventing screen from turning off


While a workout timer is running it is generally desirable that the device screens remain on irrespective of how your device screen time-out setting is configured.

For Android devices we support this feature assuming you are using one of the main browsers; Chrome, Samsung Internet or Opera.

For iOS devices there is currently no way to support this feature automatically. If you have an iOS device we suggest you set Auto-Lock to "Never" prior to starting a workout. This can be done by going to Settings > Display & Brightness and selecting never.




If you are using an Android device and finding that our "keep screen on" feature does not work for you you can take a similar approach to that outlined for iOS users above. The location of the setting may differ between Android devices but is generally found in Settings > Display > Sleep.

Some Android devices may limit the screen on time to 10 minutes maximum. if you find that to be the case you can consider installing and app that can provide a longer or indefinite screen on time. Some options are discussed here.

The steps outlined above are only required for the Combat Go web app. Our mobile apps are not influenced by OS sleep or screen lock settings.

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