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Logging your First Activity (Web App)



To log your first activity press the "+ Activity" button located on the navigation bar




Activity Details(required)

  1. Begin filling out the form. The only required information is activity name, class, sport type, gym/club, weight and length of your session.
    1. Name the activity something relevant to your training. 
    2. Class selection options are hybrid, grappling, striking and other.
    3. Select the specific sport. Ex. MMA, wrestling, boxing etc.
    4. Fill in how much time you spent on the activity. This will allow us to better track your progress towards goals and be awarded achievements.
    5. Select your privacy settings. Do you want to keep the activity visible only to yourself, allow anyone to see or only, coaches, followers and fans?


Stats (optional)

Inputing stats may be optional and tedious, but we promise it your inputs coupled with our statistics dashboard will help you quantify your training and motivate yourself to hit the gym like no other tool can. With this information, we can provide you with an in-depth analysis of your training patterns over time.

Select between:

 Track Training Times

  • Class time
  • Sparring Time
  • Open Mat Time
  • Bag Time
  • Pad Time
  • Drill Time
  • Competition Training Time
  • Other

 Track Techniques




Media Upload

Uploading training videos and photos alongside your activities is optional, but recommend. Receive tips on your technique from expert coaches half way cross the world or just get some motivation in the form of an OSS from a friend.

  • Select images and videos from your activity
  • Upload your first activity!



*** As our mobile app is not fully developed yet, we understand uploading photos and videos can be quite cumbersome. We have written a brief article with the goal of making the media upload process a touch more user friendly, Check it out here


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