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Uploading Media with your Activity



**With our iPhone and Android app under development, we understand that uploading photos and videos to your profile can be tedious. As such we have prepared a guide to assist you with more seamless media uploading, until our mobile platform is complete!



Samsung Galaxy


Edit videos in the Samsung Gallery app

Edit your clip. Samsung's proprietary gallery app allows you to trim your training videos down to the most crucial moments of your activity. Check out how to edit a video below:






Sharing your Samsung Media to your Computer

We have two recommended methods for sending media from your phone to your computer to be uploaded with your activity.


Option 1: Use Google Drive.

a. Upload your media to your Google drive as depicted in the screenshots below:




b. If you don't already have the Google Drive desktop application download it here for Windows and MacOS:  Google Drive for Computer


c. Now when you share photos to your drive, they will be available to upload when you post an activity through Combat Academy's website.   






Option 2: Email Media

Emailing your media to yourself is another method for sharing media between your mobile device and your computer. However, emailing is a bit cumbersome, so we suggest taking the time to set up Google Drive. We have detailed it above!

a. Nonetheless, if you would like to email your photos to your self, do as below:


b. Log into your email account on your laptop, download the media to your computer and upload it with your activity to Combat Academy. 


Google Pixel




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