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Gear and Space

The great thing about shadow boxing is that it can be done almost anywhere with no special equipment. All you need is some space, at least 5 x 5 ft, and some workout clothing and shoes.

Generally, we do not recommend shadow boxing with gloves our weights when you are first starting out. Without added weights it becomes easier to focus on proper techniques and hand speed. Once you become more experienced you can use gloves or light dumbbells (1-3 lbs) occasionally. If you do so make sure to slow down your hand movements as shadow boxing with weights at high speed may damage your joints.

Mirror and Video

The best place to shadow box, however, is in front of a mirror. It is also recommended to record a video of your workout once in a while. Reviewing this footage on your own or with a coach or training partner will enable you to notice various flaws and nuances to your movements that while subtle, can be difficult to detect and correct.

When reviewing your video you’ll want to ask yourself questions such as:

  • Are your feet in the right position?
  • Do you move your head after every combination?
  • Are you creating angles?
  • Are you standing up tall when punching or are you low and discrete?

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