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Managing emails received from Combat Academy/Go


We use email to communicate updates and alerts to our users. In general, we send out two types of emails; transactional emails and marketing emails.


Transactional emails

These only go out to registered users of our apps and are triggered by certain events. Some examples include

  • Confirming a sign-up
  • Requesting a password change
  • Receiving an Oss/Like or Comment
  • Making or missing training goals
  • Weekly or monthly training stats


Marketing emails

These go out to all our users and some users that are not yet using our apps. These emails can contain updates on new features, tips on how to use our apps, training advice, etc.

It is important for us, and we believe our users, that these emails are delivered reliably. Recently we have seen that a lot (most) of our emails to Gmail users get sent straight to the Gmail spam/junk folders meaning that most users do not see these emails at all. This seems to be due to some undocumented changes to how Google handles emails and is not just affecting us, a reporter recently wrote about the same issue here. 


How to prevent our emails from going to spam

If you are finding our mail (or other mail important to you) in your spam folder, Google has some instructions on how to prevent these emails from ending up there. Please see this guide for instructions on how to unmark an email as spam and these instructions on how to add a sender to your Google Contacts to prevent future emails from being flagged as spam.


How to control the types of emails you receive from us

If you wish to only receive some of our transactional emails, please follow the simple instructions below instead of marking our email as spam in your email app. This will help us maintain a good sender reputation with Google and will increase the probability of other users not having our emails redirected to their spam folders.

For transactional emails please go to the Account Settings page, Privacy & Notifications and uncheck the emails you do not want to receive. The page is available in our web app here and there is a similar page in our mobile apps.


mail and notification settings


For marketing emails, look for the Unsubscribe link in the footer of our emails. Tapping that will remove you from future marketing emails. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to re-subscribe in case you tapped unsubscribe in error.


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