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Version 1.1.0 Release Notes


Version 1.1.0 of the Combat Academy mobile apps (released in November 2018) adds the following features:

  • A dedicated My Gym feed has been added.

  • A new method for specifying a gym in your profile, activities and posts has been added, leveraging Google My Business profiles.

  • Gym owners/managers can create special Gym accounts. These can be used to engage with students and potentially reach new members as well.

  • Push notifications. You can now receive Combat Academy notifications in your device notification center in addition to the in-app and email notifications that have been available since launch.

In addition, this release includes various bug fixes.

To learn more about how to make use of the new features please refer to the following guides:

> New gym features explained

> How to set up a gym account

> What to do if someone has claimed your verified gym account


PS - we have not yet released the Gym features for the web-app. Coming soon....





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