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Adjusting your Account & Privacy Settings (Web App)



Adjust your profile settings by visiting the account settings page located in our navigation bar





Profile Settings

Below is a list of the available user settings

  • Profile and banner image
  • Full Name
  • Display Name: the name you would like displayed to followers. It may differ from the full name entered above.
  • Profile Url: the unique url for accessing your Combat Academy profile (nicknames work well here).
  • Athlete Bio: write something you would want others to see when on viewing profile.
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Weight Unit
  • Height Unit
  • First day of your week: what is the first day of the week for you? It helps us log your activities more accurately.
  • Location
  • Gym/Club
  • Primary Sport: which sport do you spend most time training?
  • Add multiple sports: add all the sports you practice. 



Privacy & Notifications


  • Default Activity Visibility: adjust who can see your activities between public, followers, coach or private. Private is for your eyes only.
  • Default Activity feed: adjust the type of content that shows up in your activities feed. You can pick between following, team, featured and yourself.
  • Explicit Follow Approval: require approval before a potential follower can view your activities.



  • Set your email and web app notifications. If you are getting too many emails visit the Privacy and Notification tab to turn off unnecessary notifications.


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