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Privacy: What can my followers see, and what about others?


Any member of Combat Academy can see some basic information about all the other members, basically the information that is visible on the Profile screen, such as name, location, followers, sport preferences, stats, trophies and achievements. 

There is also a version of that page that is visible to people that are not members of Combat Academy. We call that your public profile page, and you can even customize the URL of that page in Account Settings. 

When it comes to your actual activities and any linked videos and photos, you have a lot of control over who can see these details. You can set the privacy levels as follows (and you can change these any time you want, for example making your activities Private leading up to a competition and then changing them to Public later on): 

  • Private: can only be seen by you 
  • Coach: can only be seen by you and your designated Coach (once we roll out the Coaching features) 
  • Followers: can only be seen by you and your approved followers 
  • Public: Can be seen by everyone on the platform 

Activities set to Public may also be visible to people that are not members of Combat Academy, but they will not be able to interact with you through an Oss or Comments. 

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